HRA-NCA Mentee Application

An HRA-NCA mentee is someone who believes in personal growth, takes thoughtful risks, and looks for advice and feedback from a more experienced professional.  Mentees actively seek advice and guidance from a mentor, and are proactive in the mentoring relationship to ensure success in the partnership.  To succeed, a mentoring relationship requires a commitment by both the mentor and mentee to work toward achieving goals that are mutually agreed.  By submitting this application, you hereby agree to the following:

  • I will attend the specified training session (dates will be announced before pairing occurs);
  • I will interact with my mentor for one to two hours per month for a six-month period;
  • My mentor and I will establish goals to be achieved during our relationship, and I will engage in activities and behaviors designed to reach those goals;
  • Both my mentor and I will monitor my progress toward our goals; and
  • Both my mentor and I will complete any meeting journals, satisfaction surveys, or other documentation required by the Program.