Job Seekers Group

The HRA-NCA Job Seekers Group (JSG) is one of the many advantageous activities offered by HRA-NCA. Are you out of work? Looking for support or ideas regarding your career? Perhaps you are seeking a new and challenging position or even a career makeover? You are not alone! Typically once or twice monthly, HRA-NCA volunteers support a great group of people who meet to discuss the job search process, review resumes, networking, goal-setting, getting unstuck and building momentum, interviewing, negotiating and other important facets of the career process. Best of all, these meetings are free! The group will help you identify your strengths, organize your search, expand your network, prepare you for negotiations, and provide suggestions for dealing with troublesome issues. The combined wisdom of our group, run by a professional career/life coach, is undisputed! We encourage all members, whether new or veteran, to make use of this valuable resource. Non-Members are also welcomed. Come once, or come many times. Bring your current resume. We hope to see you there!  In the meantime, make sure you check our JOB BOARD frequently for new postings.

Important: Because of building security, all participants must register to attend in advance.