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Do you have knowledge of a cutting-edge HR topic that you could share with HRA-NCA members? HRA-NCA is always looking for dynamic speakers for our monthly meetings, professional development seminars, annual conferences, etc. Our membership includes and wide variety of HR and other professionals, many certified at the PHR, SPHR, and GPHR levels. Programs with 1.25 hours or more HRCI recertification credit approval will be given first consideration.  If interested, please complete our Speaker Application Form. Note that preference is given to local speakers and HRA-NCA members.  

Speaker Terms and Conditions:

If accepted as an HRA-NCA speaker, you agree to the following and understand that any violation of this agreement may result in termination as a speaker.  This agreement does not guarantee that you will be accepted as an HRA-NCA speaker.

Proof of prior speaking engagements may be required (e.g., video, books, articles, letters of recognition or evaluation).

A member of the HRA-NCA Board of Directors will review all proposals.  Your proposal will be considered for Chapter Meetings, Professional Development seminars, Career Management programs, Conferences, Compensation and Benefits programs, as well as other special events.  Presentation duration must range from 1.25 hours to 2.0 hours in length.  Programs with HRCI certification will be given first priority (for more information visit  

You will not receive any remuneration for speaking at HRA-NCA events.  You agree not to sell or promote your products/services or charge for services.  You agree not to collect participants' contact information, although you may distribute topic information, biographical information, or business cards at our events.

You agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner at HRA-NCA events and project a positive view of HRA-NCA in the community.

You understand that our guests are asked to evaluate speakers.  These evaluations are for our internal use only.  HRA-NCA reserves the right to terminate any speaker arrangement.  

Complete Our Speaker Application

Please complete all fields.  If your submission is successful, you will receive a THANK YOU message.

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Some of our past programming topics include:


"Getting What You Want: Setting and Maintaing Boundaries With Others"

"Annual Legal Review and Update"

"Dealing with the Workplace Grapevine"

"What CEOs Want from HR"

"Marketing Yourself for Future Success"

"Generational Diversity in the Real World"

"New Leadership, New Laws: How the New President and Congressional Leadership Will Impact HR"

"How To Avoid Being Deselected: 10 Things that Often Derail Job Seekers"

"Are We Serious About Leadership Development"

"The Essential HR Handbook"

"Are You Wearing the Right HR Hat to Get That Job?"

"Influencing With Authority"

"HR and the Bottom Line"

"Motivating the Unmotivated"